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My name is Glynnis Overmeyer and I am a proud South African. I am a business woman and a TEFL trained teacher, as well as a family person.

After graduating High School, I joined a leading bank and did the specialised bankers examination and attended numerous courses including those of a broader context such as business procedures, and client liaison, while at the same time expanding my banking knowledge. Thereafter I also studied Business Management part-time and I graduated in 1996 from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology with two distinctions; my principal subjects were Management and Financial Management.

During a 20 year span in the corporate world, my functions included  communicating with clients, who spoke African languages. Unfortunately these clients were expected to communicate in English as this was the official business language of the company. By the time that the difficulties with this were acknowledged by the company, I had witnessed sufficient to expose me to the frustration and ineffectiveness brought about by a language barrier.

At that stage a platform was being set for my next career pursuit, teaching English as a second or foreign language. In 2007 I obtained a TEFL certificate which enabled me to teach English as a foreign language, and to pursue a career teaching people to communicate effectively. In the meanwhile, I also decided to revive my French lessons, and start the basics of Spanish.

In early 2008, I registered  a company called English Made Easy, the Cape Town Way and I am proud to say that I have successfully assisted people from all over the world in achieving their respective and specific objectives. I have also taught English at companies such as Ernst and Young(Accounting), Schneiber & Associates (Attorneys (German), Acceleration (Marketing), Grapevine Interactive (Marketing & Technology) and Addsure (Insurance).

I love teaching English to those who wish to learn the basics and beyond, as well as to those who wish to improve specific skills in the use of the language. I provide tuition to people in business, locally and from abroad, as well as from other parts of Africa. My greatest reward is that I empower individuals with a skill that enables them to understand others and to be understood by most. This is my attempt at unifying the world in some way by making it possible for people of all countries to integrate with each other through the art of language.

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