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Mawethu Mbanga02

Mawethu Mbanga

I am writing this e-mail showing my humble gratitude about the lesson I had with you Glynnis. They were so informative and what I admire most is your casual tutoring style. It made me to free and able to apply my mind fully.

The course helped to prepare for my final presentation at campus which Iíve done well by applying what Iíve gained from Glynnisís lessons.

As we might know 10 lessons will never change your habits as I makes those silly mistakes sometimes but the course made me to be conscious of them so I could continuously try to improve by referring to the class notes I took.

Mawethu Mbanga, Cape Town, South Africa

jerry and frances

Jerry and Frances

Jerry (Grade 6) and Frances (Grade 3) who attend Forres Prep in Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa have English lessons every day with us. They are both Taiwanese. They are both making good progress.







I am Vicky, I'm from China.
When I first cameto  South Africa, I felt very strange, because I couldnít speak English, it was so bad, could talk to no one.
Afterwards I came to Abbotts school, I also felt uncomfortable to talk.
However, I joined Mrs Glynnis English lessons. Now , I can speak more fluently and feel better than before. Glynnis has taught me a lot of English, she can make simple sentences, and that is very easy for me to understand. She is not like a teacher, just like a sister or friend, she is very friendly.
Thus far, I think my English has been good, but is not enough!
but that is ok, I will persevere anyway! (^_^)
Vicky, China




I am Winnie and I am Chinese. I have been in Cape Town for one year and I am a grade11 student at ABBOTTS COLLEGE. I disliked talking to others and couldnít read and talk very fluently when I first came here. But since having started lesson with Glynnis, I have had a big improvement in my grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary ,etc.  Glynnis is very nice and is very good at teaching English. The most important thing is, she is always very patient.

Glynnis teaches differently according to your English level. The way she teaches is not rigid. In her class I donít feel bored, I always pay full attention to learning English in class.

We often start the lesson with talking about our daily activities. Secondly we will read a story and she will correct wrong pronunciations at the same time. Thirdly, we may do some grammar and phonics.

I am so glad to have such a wonderful teacher. I think I will study with her until my English is good enough.
Winnie, China


Georges - 1


I had a very interesting experience for my knowledge of English. I stayed in a comfortable house, where I was welcomed and learned English with Glynnis, excellent teacher and I have much progress for 1 month. In addition to the quality of the course there was a great family atmosphere and I had good moments. I recommend EMECT and the warm welcome of the house too.
Georges, Reunion Islands



rabia Khalid


When I arrived in Cape Town I didn't know any words in English language and after my studies at English made easy school with teacher Glynnis now I can read and write words in English. It is no longer difficult for me.
Khalid, Saudi Arabia



Edson - 1


I enjoyed to meeting the teachers at school and I had the pleasure of studying with them.Thank you very much for helping me with English also city is lovely and the people very friendly and welcome.I would like to return in the future because the environment in Cape Town is different to S„o Paulo.
Edson, Brazil


albara - 001


My name is Al-Baraa. I came to Cape Town to study English straight to EMECT school. When I arrived I couldn't keep up with conversations or read and write very well. However, I fought all obstacles to achieve my goal and now after three months with teacher Glynnis and Owen I can speak , read and write fluently. I wish for this school to be in the best position.
Al Baraa, Saudi Arabia


Leonor - Angola 1


I like this class because the teachers are very friendly. The school is very good and I enjoyed my stay here.
Leonor, Angola




Albara 1


I went to South Africa because I wanted to learn English. I know a lot of English since I arrived in South Africa. I now talk a little English, understand more and write and read. I think I improved because I know more new words and grammar. The home stay is very comfortable and the host family is good. Cape Town is a very beautiful city. On holiday I went to Table Mountain, Robben Island by boat and wandered in the Cape Town bus. It was very exciting.
Albara, Saudi Arabia


abdulla 1


My name is Abdulla and Iím from Syria. When I arrived in South Africa I did not know English. I could not read, write or speak. I went to two schools but I couldnít understand so I started lessons with Glynnis 6 months ago. Now I can speak English very well, read and write. I now read and write English better than Arabic. I stayed with the family and did English lessons at the same school and I saw that all the students are happy with her because she can see each students problem. I will do more lessons with her in December when I come back to Cape town.
Abdulla, Syria

karina 1


I came from Brazil with the intention of learning English right from the beginning. As I could only have classes in the evenings I chose private tuition. Glynnis was an excellent choice, she is always patient, very dedicated and insistent on the correct spelling and pronunciation. After 5 months of having classes, I can write, read and talk, turning my stay in Cape Town much easier.
Karina, Brazil


Khaled - 1


When I arrived in South Africa I chose to study with EMECT and enjoyed english. I loved the teacher Glynnis and the family . Now I can speak and write much better than before. I liked the home with school but 2 month wasn't enough for me
Khaled, Saudi Arabia




paula - chilli


Paula Quiero

During my process of learning this new language, I have perceived that Glynnis is systematic, disciplined and dedicated in her profession, therefore I am very satisfied with her teaching. Not only that, because she is also very involved with her students and she has become a lady friend to me.
Paula Quiero - Chile




Adalgisa - angola



Mrs Glynnis is a very good and patient teacher. She help me learning English starting from the basics. I really appreciated her efforts on teaching me the right grammar, pronunciation of words and her insistence with the spelling of the English alphabet that I was undermining. In few months I was able to speak read and write while when I moved to Cape Town I was only able to say ďgood morningĒ. Moreover, Glynnis is very good company and we enjoyed nice conversations in front of a cup of tea. Today we are very good friends and I am very proud to have had such a passionate and dedicated teacher.
Adalgisa - ANGOLA



Silvia - Italy 1b



My name is Silvia, I'm from Italy and living here in South Africa since almost two years now. When I arrived here, I needed so much to feel more confident with my English language. My lessons with Glynnis have been very useful. She made me work with rules of grammar, made me write tales and correct them together and we made a lot of conversation. On top of that, Glynnis is a very friendly and kind person.
Silvia - ITALY




irina - russia



I had amazing lessons. Thank you very much.





My name is Nataliya I came to South Africa a few years ago.  When I arrived I could not understand English, so I could not communicate with people.

I couldnít read or write.

Happily I met Glynnis she became my teacher and finally my friend. We had lots of fun together , I enjoyed my lessons she taught me many new things about language, this Country and the culture.

I live in Cape Town it is a very beautiful city, the landscapes of the city are spectacular and magical oceans relaxes my mind.

Now I can read and write, so I find it a lot easier to communicate with people. My English is now at an advance stage.
Nataliya Ė the Ukraine



regina - congo 1



My name is Regine Hughes. I am Congolese. I am also a Pastor. Thanks to the Glynnis I am now able to preach in English. I really enjoyed her approach to teaching. She made lessons fun. Glynnis is patient and understanding and I pray for her continued success.
Regina Hughes - Congo



When I met Glynnis my private teacher, I was really struggling with my English. My pronunciation and my vocabulary but she made English easy for me. Now Iím confident when I communicate at work, as well as socially because Iím aware of what and how I speak. Thank you Glynnis you are the best teacher ever.
Nomviwo Msuthu - South Africa

julia 1


During my expat time at the Ernst & Young (big four accounting company) in Cape Town
I decided to take  private English lessons twice a week in order to improve my spoken language abilities and make myself more self-confident with English at work.

I have never regreted this decision. Glynnis not only helped me to break the language barrier, but helped to dive deeper in the reality of the multi-cultural society of the South Africa. Your very friendly, open-hearted, demand- and person-oriented way of teaching- it was what I mostly appreciated that time.

I ll recommend Glynnis anytime if you  are looking for the alternative to a class training and want experience South Africa and its people.

Best wishes,
Julia (DŁsseldorf,Germany)



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