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Hi my name is Greg, I come from to France. I was in Cape Town for learning English, and it was a very nice city, very cosmopolitan. There are lots of things in Cape Town, Lots of museum, lots of clubs, centre Ö.The peoples from south Africa are very friendly I never had problem with their. I came in Cape Town three years ago and itís was very different, there had nothing, now Cape Town is the best city in South Africa I love. Everybody must come one time in your life in Cape Town itís the best city.

During my holidays in Cape Town for one month, it was so cool I found some peoples of other country very friendly. I love South Africa.

Gregoire from Reunion Islands 2010

I would never have imagined that South Africa could be such an amazing country. I have never seen such awesome landscapes like in this beautiful country. I have been to Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. The winelands are amazing and the old cities have fully impressed me. There are so many little stalls and old houses. The people are so friendly and helpful. But that is not unique to Stellenbosch because itís also like that in Cape Town. The people are always smiling and laughing and they are always happy. In contrast I have seen the other side of this beautiful country too. Ė the townships, the poor people ,the lack of opportunity for kids. But even the poor South Africans are so happy, friendly and kind even though they donít have money. It reminds me that money isnít that important. Those are the reasons for loving South Africa so much! I would really love to stay longer but Iím sure that I will return to this beautiful country.
Jana from Poland, living in Germany 2009

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